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With a habit of hiring ridiculously attractive teachers that students actually like, Gallifreyan High is quite unique. But English teacher, Amy Pond, finds out how different the school really is when she decides to write a novel using the people around her as characters. She finds strange family history between herself and Classics teacher, Dr. River Song, as well as some concerning romantic affairs. Martha Jones, biology teacher, and Rose Tyler, school counselor, both fight for, Physics teacher, John smith’s affections. While Sherlock Holmes finds him caught between two women - his wife, River Song, and top student Clara Oswald. And all this happening while Headmaster Mr. Spock and problematic student Donna Noble have an unromantic but interesting relationship which means Donna ends up getting herself in trouble to see him.

What will Pond do with this information? Will she write the story and threaten to expose her students and colleagues? Or will she put her dream of becoming a novelist aside?